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Date Official name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Celebrates beginning of the Gregorian calendar year. Festivities include counting down to midnight (12:00 AM) on the preceding night, New Year's Eve, often with fireworks display and party. The ball drop at Capital Circle in Stockholm has become a national New Year's festivity. Traditional end of Christmas and holiday season.
March 8 Inauguration Day
Constitution Day
May 1 Counterterrorism Day
June 8 Knight's Day Honors MacArthur Knight, the second President of Qvait. It is also a day of mourning for his death.
December 25 Christmas The most widely celebrated holiday of the Christian year, Christmas is observed as a commemoration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.


Date Official name Remarks
September 11 Patriot Day Commemorates the attacks on the World Trade Center (New York City), the Pentagon (Washington, DC), and Flight 93 in 2001.